Go Programming Tutorial

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Go Programming Tutorial

The Go Programming Tutorial will help you learn everything you need to get started programming in Go.

This Go tutorial is great for absolute beginners to the Go programming language.

Our goal in this short course is teach you enough of the Go programming language to get you started writing single file applications.

In a later course we will cover the more advanced topics of Go.

First, we being by installing the Go programming language.

Next, we start with the famous Hello World application and take a deep dive into how it works.

Then we learn Go language basics including variables, flow control, functions and more.

Finally, we finish the tutorial by learning about functions in Go.


First, I assume that you know how to do basic system administration tasks for your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux):

  • Downloading and installing applications
  • Creating directories
  • Updating PATH

I do not go in to detail on these tasks in this course.

In addition, I assume that you have some development experience with another programming language like Python, C/C++, etc.

This course will get you started with programming in Go by teaching you the very basics of the Go programming language.

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